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Experience Rooms

Visit our Experience Rooms to immerse yourself in a selected SiriusDecisions model, collaborate with peers, identify key actions and leave with a set of next steps for getting started towards transformation. Unlike any other feature at TechX, the Experience Rooms enable you to compare notes with other participating delegates and consider the need to integrate the model into your organization.

Visit our Experience Rooms to:


Easily digest our models
Our models and frameworks are comprehensive, and can even be overwhelming. The Experience Rooms break up our models and frameworks into more consumable components so you can see how your organization would actually adopt them in a real-world setting.

Gather peer to peer comparisons
Because the Experience Rooms are open throughout TechX, you can return throughout the event to see how your peers responded to each station and use that information to identify areas where you may have expertise and areas where you may need improvement.

Get a sneak peek at SiriusDecisions consulting engagements
For those delegates who have worked with other consultants in the past, or who have considered engaging in a SiriusDecisions consulting workshop, the Experience Rooms expose you to what a SiriusDecisions engagement would consist of at a high-level, so you can better understand what you will walk away with and what your first steps are to getting started.

What You'll Learn

Each Experience Room will feature a different SiriusDecisions model or framework:

Buyer’s Journey Map
How to create a buyer's journey map

The SiriusDecisions Buyer’s Journey Map Framework is a best-in-class methodology and process for identifying buyers’ patterns of interactions, content consumption and engagement. This helps b-to-b organizations align messaging, content and campaigns to how buyers want to buy. The experience will highlight areas of strength – or ones that can be improved.

Marketing Technology Assessment
Aligning Processes, Capabilities and Technologies

The traditional category-led view of the expanding b-to-b technology landscape has resulted in confusion and frustration for end users and providers alike. Although categorization may help when grouping technology providers, it doesn’t help leaders identify the best options to reach business goals. Companies want help matching their goals and needs to technology capabilities – regardless of category – so they can work to maximize ROI.