Technology Exchange Sessions Ka Ching Building an E Commerce Tech Stack That Delivers

Ka-Ching! Building an E-Commerce Tech Stack That Delivers

Speaker(s):  Cristina De Martini, Barbie Mattie

Track(s): Winning at Technology Alignment

Focus: Operationalize

Priorities: Marketing Infrastructure; Marketing Execution

As companies grow, they often venture out of their original comfort zones and begin selling products and services that differ greatly from their legacy products in pricing, volume, deal size and target market. These changes require the organization to adjust the way it supports prospects within the buyer’s journey and find a balance between traditional and e-commerce marketing approaches. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing and sales:

  • Understand differences in the buyer’s journey between the e-commerce process framework and the traditional b-to-b sales support process
  • See the key metrics and technologies required to support the e-commerce process framework
  • See how an aligned approach to e-commerce technologies can eliminate redundancies and fill capability gaps