Technology Exchange Sessions How to Win When Change Is Constant Aligning the Customer Engagement Technology Stack

How to Win When Change Is Constant: Aligning the Customer Engagement Technology Stack

Speaker(s):  Amy Bills, Jessie Johnson

Track(s): Making Smart Tech-Buying Choices

Focus: Operationalize, Optimize

Priorities: Customer Engagement Business Case and Measurement

Good news! Customer engagement is high on the list of many organizations’ planned investments, and the technology landscape is evolving as vendors realign their missions to match opportunities. Not-as-good-news: Typical challenges to technology alignment can be exacerbated by rapid evolution, increasing the risk that organizations will be paralyzed by too many options or choose redundant solutions because teams are working in silos. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales and marketing:

  • Understand the current customer engagement technology landscape and trends driving change and innovation
  • See a summary of the typical business requirements for customer engagement priorities that drive tech investment across sales, marketing and product teams
  • Learn how to align your organization’s customer engagement tech stack to business requirements that support the needs of all functions involved in the post-sale experience