Technology Exchange Sessions Customer Health Scores A Not-So-Secret Weapon for Account Growth

Customer Health Scores: A Not-So-Secret Weapon for Account Growth

Speaker(s):  Amy Bills, Cristina De Martini

Track(s): Winning at Technology Alignment

Focus: Adopt, Operationalize

Priorities: Customer Insights and Analytics; Marketing Infrastructure

Retention, cross-sell and upsell play a substantial role in an organization’s financial health, and as such are top-of-mind for C-level, customer engagement, marketing and sales leaders. Customer health scorecards are typically used to help guide customer success in its quest to improve customer satisfaction and retention. They also can be leveraged by sales and marketing as a not-so-secret weapon to guide installed base campaigns and develop customer advocates. Marketing and sales can make customer health scorecards actionable via technology and process, but they must leverage them in a way that enhances, and does not compromise, the customer experience and the health of the account. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales and marketing:

  • Get an overview of customer health scorecard methodology
  • Learn how health scorecards can be used to support growth, retention and advocate development, including key metrics to consider as indications of likelihood to renew and expand
  • See a good/better/best technology overview for how to support customer health scores