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Why Attend

November 7-9, 2018 | Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Technology investment is a hot topic for our audience, and high-performing companies are spending more, giving them a clear advantage over their slower-growing peers:

The results of SiriusDecisions’ 2018 CMO study show that nearly 60 percent of marketing leaders consider the implementation of new technologies and systems as the organizational change required to support their companies’ growth strategy over the next two years.

SiriusDecisions data shows that more than 41 percent of high-performing organizations plan to invest more or significantly more in sales technology upgrades in the next year, compared to 20 percent of low-performing organizations.

How can companies be sure they’ll get the ROI they want? What do high performers do differently?

TechX is the conference for b-to-b marketing and sales professionals who want to know how best to put technology to work to deliver on business goals

TechX features two themes:

Theme One

How Technology Can Fuel Your Revenue Engine (no matter what kind of engine it is)

Theme Two

How Technology Enables the Seamless Experience B-to-B Customers Expect

How Technology Can Fuel Your Revenue Engine (no matter what kind of engine it is)

TechX is taking a look at what businesses need to support multiple business models, from account-based to e-commerce. We’ll cover a range of hot topics:


SiriusDecisions data shows 68 percent of CMOs citing the shift to e-commerce models as one of the top focus areas for 2018. That can’t happen without technology, and a well-thought-out plan. We will unveil a new model for implementing and managing e-commerce, as well as a roadmap for delivering content to support transactional sales.

Recurring revenue/SaaS

The shift to recurring-revenue models requires technology to deliver and scale new processes and reporting requirements, not to mention greater focus on post-sale customer engagement. At TechX, we’ll provide a guide to the technologies required to make this change with fewer hassles along the way.

Demand units

Old methods of measurement don’t work if your focus is on account-based marketing (ABM), enterprise sales or larger deals. Sales and marketing need a credible shared view of the addressable market and how well buyers are being attracted and converted. At TechX, we’ll show you how to operationalize the Demand Unit Waterfall, using specific technologies to create the essential building blocks. We’ll also provide guidance on predicting ABM performance.


With so much market hype around ABM, it can be hard to separate must-have technologies from nice-to-have technologies. No matter where you are on your ABM journey, it’s essential to invest in technology that will deliver the greatest return. At TechX, we’ll provide the complete business requirements for successful ABM deployment, along with the technologies needed to support it. We'll also do a deep dive into ABM planning and provide client examples of ABM success (and lessons learned).

How Technology Enables the Seamless Experience B-to-B Customers Expect

Customer experience investments are getting significant attention from b-to-b companies in all revenue ranges. Customer experience supports revenue growth and retention, as well as companies’ ability to deliver on their brand promise through exceptional buyer and post-sale customer engagement. We will cover the following topics:

Artificial intelligence (AI) for sales and marketing alignment

As recently as 2015, nearly all commercially available AI applications in b-to-b involved sourcing and prioritizing prospects. Now it’s all about helping sales and marketing align their efforts on taking the right actions to engage the right prospects and customers at the right time. AI is helping b-to-b companies avoid the blind spots that stall growth and frustrate buyers. At TechX, you’ll learn how to deploy AI and accelerate growth.

Data as the foundation for customer experience

According to SiriusDecisions’ 2018 CMO study, enhancing customer experience is the top priority for marketing leaders. CMOs also reported that organizational readiness and technology constraints are the top barriers to success in the area of customer experience. Many companies are investing in personalization, AI, predictive analytics and master data management. At TechX, you’ll learn what data is essential to provide a seamless customer experience, as well as the technologies needed to source, store and analyze that data.

Sales enablement, customer success and customer health scores

SiriusDecisions data shows that in 2018, 62 percent of high-performing organizations are investing greater or significantly greater in customer success technology. At TechX, you’ll learn how to how to design and technologically enable seamless handoffs among sales, marketing and customer success to ensure a smooth customer experience. You’ll hear about best practices for creating and managing customer health scores that can help predict your best bets for growth and your risk for churn.

Content as a key to customer experience and sales enablement

In our 2018 State of B-to-B Content Study, nearly half of the respondents reported that less than 50 percent of their content was used by internal or external audiences in the last two years. Technology and alignment between marketing and sales are essential to making content a competitive advantage and ensuring it is put to good use. At TechX, we’ll provide a hands-on resource to help you plan and align your content technologies.