Technology Exchange General Sessions Its Time to Fix Whats Broken With Tech in B to B Mapping Categories to Priorities

It’s Time to Fix What’s Broken With Tech in B-to-B: Mapping Categories to Priorities

Speaker(s):  Gil Canare,

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: Marketing Infrastructure; Sales Processes and Infrastructure; Product Management Roles, Responsibilities and Structure

When it comes to buying technology, it’s “easy” to just dive into the thousands of solutions that exist in the market. Unfortunately, doing so often results in buyers choosing a solution based on ratings and rankings for bells and whistles that may not actually matter for their business model or needs, or procuring additional technologies for capabilities that already exist within their tech stack. Now is the perfect time for b-to-b leaders to turn the tech buying process around and start by defining requirements based on business priorities before considering what categories of technology solutions can help them meet those requirements. The best part? It's much easier than the old way. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing, and product:

  • Understand how to translate your business needs into business requirements for smart tech buying
  • Learn how to use business requirements guides to support technology decisions
  • See examples of how to apply a business requirements approach in the context of key business challenges that organizations face today