Technology Exchange General Sessions Artificial Intelligence for Sales and Marketing Illuminating the Blind Spots in B to B

Artificial Intelligence for Sales and Marketing: Illuminating the Blind Spots in B-to-B

Speaker(s):  Kerry Cunningham

Focus: Adopt, Optimize

Priorities: Demand Program Design; Planning and Execution; Demand Program Delivery Mechanisms; Demand Management Process; Sales Reporting, Analysts and Intelligence

As recently as 2015, nearly all commercially available applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in b-to-b involved sourcing and prioritizing prospects. Now capabilities have expanded across the enterprise with solutions built specifically to drive better sales and marketing alignment – but how can these AI solutions make sales and marketing more productive and more effective? There is a clear case for aggressively pursuing the adoption of AI, and in this presentation we’ll provide a framework for determining when and how to incorporate AI solutions to accelerate growth. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales and marketing:

  • Understand where to start or how to continue your organization’s AI journey
  • Learn how AI illuminates blind spots in b-to-b marketing and sales planning, execution, and management
  • See compelling real-world examples of how leading sales and marketing organizations are adopting and benefiting from AI