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The Quest For Quality: How Procore is optimizing their website for higher quality leads and conversion

Sponsor Name: PathFactory

Speaker: Jon Larsen, Sr. Marketing Automation Strategist, Procore

Generating leads was never an issue for Procore. A request demo CTA strategically placed across the website provided a consistent flow of leads. It was the quality of leads that was the problem. They received a ton of demo requests, but the majority often fell flat, rarely converting to an opportunity. This didn’t fare well for sales and marketing alignment or the bottom line.

Jon Larsen and the Procore marketing team solved this problem using a combination of tools including PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Platform. Now, Procore’s website recommends content so visitors are always only a click away from a curated track of fresh, relevant information. Optimizing the website for personalization and content bingeing produces more educated prospects. And more educated prospects are more qualified to receive a demo and have a productive call with sales.  

Join this session to learn:

  • The A/B tests Procore runs to optimize and personalize their website
  • How Content Insight and Activation improves alignment and communication with the sales team
  • The tactics Procore uses to reduce form usage and increase trackable visitor engagement
  • How encouraging content bingeing generates higher quality leads