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ABM: How Western Digital Shifted from Reactive to Proactive - The Blueprint for Sales and Marketing

Sponsor Name: MRP

Speakers: Seth Bobroff, Director Global Marketing, Data Center Systems at Western Digital; Jim Regan, CMO and Co-Founder of MRP

When sales and marketing are provided new visibility into the actual, current pains of the target organization, the customer becomes the center of the conversation. ABM – and this new level of visibility – requires that both sales and marketing keep the emphasis on deepening engagements at an account level. This session will illustrate how MRP helped Western Digital shift from a traditional marketing strategy to an account-based marketing strategy utilizing technology to improve efficiencies, providing the opportunity for both departments to meet in the middle and work toward symbiotic goals. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the emergence of a True ABM approach only strengthens the ability for marketing and sales to work from common ground.
  • How ABM can bridge the gap between marketing & sales and technology’s role.
  • Why ABM execution details must be present in the workflows of the sales team.