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Using Fit, Intent and Execution to Build a Data-Driven Workforce

Sponsor Name: EverString

Speakers: Jim Powell, Direct of Sales, Fedex Services; Matt Amundson, VP of Marketing, EverString

In this session you’ll learn how Fedex uses next generation sources like Fit, Intent and other insights to execute modern sales prospecting and selling to drive incredible outcomes.  Jim Powell, Director of Sales Fedex Services, and Matt Amundson, VP of Marketing at EverString, will guide you through the value of Fit and Intent data as well as the process used to execute against it.  This session will illuminate the impact of this data as it relates to conversion in the funnel, the reduction of sales cycle times and the increase in average deal size.  Participants will walk away with a more thorough understanding of Fit and Intent data and how to implement these data sets into their own sales and marketing strategies.